Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why is Gas So High, and Whose is REALLY Responsible?

It's hard to find a CREDIBLE chart that shows the national gas prices for the last decade, but I think it's pretty clear under whose administration the wild fluctuations began and how gas prices got where they are, and that this 5 min. $1.85 a gallon "anomaly," was just that, an anomaly, brought about by the global economic meltdown. It is hardly indicative of any long term or stable gas price that Pres. Obama inherited, lol. I mean, come on people, how can you be suckered by such total nonsense? It's that Glenn Beck style of finding some obscure little factoid and torturing and twisting it into something utterly absurd. Truth does matter.

Oil is a vital global commodity, the price of which should not be some mysterious, unknowable calculation, left up to those who control it and make HUGE profits extorting the people of the world by limiting production to drive up the price. We simply shouldn't allow it. There should be TRUE competition, and prices based on more than the whims and angst of a bunch of high stakes gamblers at the oil market casino.

Of course, ultimately, the answer is renewable energy, but that is not going to happen over night.

How does any of this make sense to ANYone?

"The price of gasoline edged up again today for the 27th day in a row. But here's an interesting twist: Prices are up even though the U.S. is now producing more gas than it needs. In December, for the first time in more than 50 years, the U.S. became a gasoline exporter."

"The U.S. has become a net exporter of gasoline for the first time in fifty years. Thanks to rising production at refineries and declining demand, the United States exported more gasoline than it imported in December. The unusual development reflects the segmented U.S. energy market — the East Coast needs to import gas while the Midwest produces a surplus."

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